Vote: TheDAO Hard Fork

How to vote?

Make a 0-ETH transaction to the YES or NO address to vote respectively.

All the ETH under the from-address will be counted as corresponding ballots.

For the transactions to be done successfully, a minimum amount of transaction fee of 0.0006 ETH is required.

If your wallet (for instance, Mist) does not support 0-ETH transactions, a minimal amount (e.g. 0.0001 ETH) is recommended. The smart contract will send back any amount of ETH it receives automatically.

The status is an on-going real-time counting.

Vote YES: 0x3039d0a94d51c67a4f35e742b571874e53467804

Vote NO: 0x58dd96aa829353032a21c95733ce484b949b2849


Ether: 3964516.72178130761881221


Ether: 577899.78346336959992868

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Accounts filtered (Exchange's withdraw address)

Further explanation: mechanism of the Carbonvote System

1. Voters: ETH holders.

2. Ballots: ETH. How many ETH, how many votes.

3. How to Vote: Send ETH to the YES address to propose or NO address to oppose. And you still have time to change your mind.

If the YES address receives any ETH from an address, then all the ETH under this address will be considered as a batch of votes that goes to YES.

If later this address makes a transaction to the NO address, then the entire batch of votes will be recounted as NO.

If voters who after voting, decide to abstain from this vote, they can move the ETH to an address that has not yet participated in this vote.

4. Ballot counting: Dynamic real-time counting of the ETH under the wallet addresses that have voted.

5. Fund Security: No ETH are collected or locked.

Because the vote status is not counting how many ETH are sent to the YES or NO addresses, but the real-time amount of ETH under the addresses that have participated in the vote, voters are recommended to send 0 to a minimal amount of ETH for sending the message of their choice (depending on what wallets are used, Mist, for example does not allow zero-ETH transactions). If by any chance, the smart contract receives money from voters, ETH will be refunded to the original addresses upon reception.